Housing Jigsaw is a unique market solution designed by practitioners for practitioners

Designed and delivered in partnership by Housing Partners and The National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS), to provide Local Authorities with a complete end to end housing IT Solution. Housing Jigsaw is currently made up of four modules that combine to provide key support functions for Local Authorities. This partnership has been formed to provide Local Authorities with information and advice on wider housing legislation and implementation, including innovative IT solutions to support delivery of a complete ‘end to end approach’.

  • The only system designed by practitioners, for practitioners
  • Supports councils to meet their new statutory obligations whilst reducing the administrative burden
  • Combines excellence in housing practice with a proven history of software development
  • A unique market solution at a fixed annual cost
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The Housing Jigsaw modules

Prevention, Relief, Accommodation and Homelessness

An introduction from Lord Bird

From April 2018, the Homelessness Reduction Act will place an additional statutory duty on local housing authorities to prevent households from becoming homeless. The Act will change the approach Local Authorities are currently working with to prevent and relieve homelessness. This is a significant but positive change and will require Local Authorities to think carefully about how they approach and resource this.

PRAH has been designed to support Local Authorities implement the provisions of the Homelessness Reduction Act by combining practical support and advice with easy to use software.

It is a dedicated homelessness and accommodation IT solution.

The PRAH module will enable Local Authorities to discharge their statutory duties outlined in the Homelessness Reduction Act. The system:

  • Is built on the NPSS Homelessness Reduction Act flowchart
  • Includes a fully integrated person and accommodation database
  • Is compliant with the 2018 H-CLIC DCLG reporting requirements

The system will:

  • Support the efficient management of an increased caseload across a team
  • Increase efficiency, empowering a team to work smarter and not harder
  • Automatically generate Personalised Housing Plans (PHPs)
  • Provide a customer interface including the ability to upload attachments and update a PHP

Communication and Referrals Portal

We are very proud to offer all Local Authorities a free tool to support communication across public bodies and wider statutory agencies.

The tool will:

  • Facilitate public body ‘Duty to Refer” cases
  • Support Local Authority ’s.198 referrals’ to be sent and received
  • Act as a communication portal across all Local Authorities and specified public bodies

The Duty to Refer module will support Local Authorities to securely and safely receive referrals from public bodies when a household is threatened with homelessness, refer cases across Local Authorities in line with the legislation and share good practice and top tips.

The module will support referrals into the authority and referrals between authorities via a single portal.

If you would like to have more information or gain access to the duty to refer portal, please use the enquiry button below.


Enhanced Housing Register

From 1st April 2018, the next two modules of Housing Jigsaw, our Enhanced Housing Register (EHR) module and Advert to Let Allocations System (ATLAS) will be available to pilot. These will work alongside the Prevention, Relief, Accommodation and Homelessness (PRAH) module and within the wider Housing Jigsaw umbrella.

The EHR register will enable Local Authorities to manage their housing list online, in partnership with local Registered Providers. The register will hold all relevant information about a household and automatically band/point each applicant against a Local Authority’s allocation policy and, where appropriate, supported accommodation priorities.

Customers will be able to complete their application online, provide all relevant evidence and monitor the progress of the application; reducing the administrative burden on the Local Authority and supporting a customer focused approach.

The register will be the main source of customer data. It links into the homelessness module (PRAH) and the wider advertising, allocating and letting system (ATLAS). This gives Local Authorities the flexibility to add additional elements in order to meet local needs.

Based with the same intuitive principles of PRAH, EHR delivers an effective, modern solution that offers:

  • Online, customer focused application with officer and manager dashboards
  • Automatic banding/pointing of applications
  • A significant reduction in administration for the Local Authority

Advert To Let Allocations System

From 1st April 2018, the next two modules of Housing Jigsaw, our Enhanced Housing Register (EHR) module and Advert To Let Allocations System (ATLAS) will be available to pilot. These will work alongside the Prevention, Relief, Accommodation and Homelessness (PRAH) module and within the wider Housing Jigsaw umbrella.

ATLAS is a property marketing module within Housing Jigsaw that enables landlords to advertise their homes to those in housing need and manage accommodation enquiries.

Providing the full functionality you expect from your exiting CBL and more. ATLAS delivers an improved, mobile responsive experience with intuitive design and clear easy to complete forms. The system combines the traditional CBL approach, whilst recording and monitoring all wider lettings including supported accommodation and commissioning outcomes. This allows Local Authorities to monitor and deliver joined up services supported by Registered Provider partners and support agencies.

The innovative design and development means that Local Authorities will always benefit from the latest features without additional costs for software updates or downtime.

ATLAS offers:

  • Advertising and lettings (replacing current outdated CBL modules)
  • Allocation and lettings (including direct lets, allocating to PRS, TA, management transfers and supported housing)
  • Supported housing gateway management (managed allocations and lettings within a supported housing priority system)
  • Commissioning outcomes monitoring and reporting (for example rough sleeper outreach and domestic abuse support services)
  • Add up to 15 photos of each property
  • Automatically appends local information – travel, health, schools and local support services
  • Mobile responsive adverts
  • Map and street view for each property



In April 2013, the National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS) was established to support Local Authorities implement and enhance prevention focused housing advice services. The support NPSS provides to Local Authorities covers a wide spectrum with a common goal; the improvement of frontline housing and homelessness services with a view to increasing opportunities for the early intervention and prevention of homelessness.

The credibility of the National Practitioner Support Service comes from the experience of the team; all of whom are practitioners on secondment from Local Authorities across the country and who remain embedded in local services. This recognises Local Authorities’ preference for a local approach with national delivery.

Contact NPSS

To get in touch with the NPSS support team, please email or phone.

Telephone support is available Monday to Friday from Midday-5pm.


01962 851 747

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Serving the social housing sector since 2001, Housing Partners combines social and commercial strategies to deliver solutions for social housing providers and those they serve. Working in partnership with over 700 Registered Providers, Housing Partners are proven experts in turning innovative ideas into effective solutions. Our passion is delivering pioneering products for a joined-up approach to allocation & tenant management.

Housing Partners Limited are ISO27001:2013 registered and have been since August 2011. ISO27001:2013 provides a best practice framework for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Contact Housing Partners

To get in touch with our support team, please email or phone.

Telephone support is available Monday to Friday from Midday-5pm.


08456 187 162



FREE to trial

The trial will run from Sept 2017 - March 2018.

for 12 months

starting from April 2018.

(£9,000 per year for as many years as committed to on initial contract – subsequent years will only increase in cost linked to inflation)


ALERT module is FREE for all local authorities to communicate with public bodies and wider statutory agencies.

Pricing for upcoming modules to be confirmed.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the data for Housing Jigsaw hosted?

    All of the data is hosted within the EU, stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

  • How much IT time will Local Authorities need to set up and maintain Housing Jigsaw?

    Your IT team will spend absolutely no time setting up and maintaining Housing Jigsaw, as there is no setup, download or installation required for the system.

  • Are there any client downloads for Housing Jigsaw?

    No, the application we are offering is completely browser based, meaning there are no downloads involved.

  • Is Housing Jigsaw installed onto a council network?

    Housing Jigsaw is a cloud based web application, meaning users only require an internet connection and modern browser (e.g. IE 11 and above). There is no need to install any software onto a local computer or council network.

  • During the trial period, will we need to integrate our systems to pass data, or sync to any of our back-office systems?

    There will be no need to integrate data with back-office systems during the trial period. Housing Jigsaw will work with all Local Authorities during the trial, identifying what data integrations are required both during the trial period and after it has finished. We welcome all feedback during the trial period.

  • Will there be any data transfer requirements from existing Homelessness systems?

    As a result of changes in the legislation, we don’t expect Local Authorities to transfer old cases to Housing Jigsaw. The Welsh Local Authorities have started new cases on the new system set in place, and so we will be following this same process.

  • What are the Data Protection/Business Continuity arrangements?

    Microsoft has created a robust set of security technologies from decades of experience building enterprise software. As a result, Azure infrastructure is both resilient to attack and safeguards user access within the Azure environment. Furthermore, customer data is kept secure through encrypted communications, as well as threat management and mitigation practices put in place by Microsoft.

  • Am I able to store all documents related to individual cases onto Housing Jigsaw?

    All files related to cases can be stored on Housing Jigsaw on the related case or applicant, meaning there is no need for an external document management system.

  • Who has the ability to amend user access?

    There will be an assigned Administrator with each purchase of the system, who will have the rights to add, remove and block user accounts.

  • Who puts live data on the system?

    Live data will be put directly onto the system by users.

  • Can we delete data?

    Yes, this can be done at any time by the user, or alternatively by contacting The Housing Partners Help Desk who can help to remove the data.