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Homelessness & Prevention
Relief & Allocations
PRAH Prevention, Relief, Accommodation and Homelessness

PRAH enables local authorities to discharge their statutory duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act

ALERT, our free referrals and communications portal. Securely refer cases across public bodies and agencies

A tenure-blind housing register, allowing a personalised approach for applicants from the first question posed

AtLAS Advert to Let Allocation System

AtLAS, our property marketing module that lets you advertise homes and manage accommodation enquiries

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It follows, very thoroughly, the legal process/journey of the HRA and therefore there is little risk of the officers missing a step or decision

It produces the PHP as a live document throughout the life of the case

When you log in the dashboard is very clear on how many cases you have at what stage and the actions that need requiring

I like the idea that it will be accessible to the customer via the customer portal and agencies will have a tool to be compliant with the duty to refer

The amount of information that the officers have learned about the HRA just by using it

We pay one fee – not what we’re used to – there are no hidden costs

Everything is in one place – a one stop shop!

Lord Bird on Housing Jigsaw

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Housing Jigsaw’s PRAH solution is built around the exclusive NPSS Flowchart©, which has broken down the Homelessness Reduction Act.

PRAH is designed from the ground up by NPSS practitioners and the experts behind HomeSwapper, the industry leading social housing platform that advises over 10,000 tenants a month.

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